Monday, January 10, 2011

Maritime Beauty and what a beauty it is...

First things first: if you check, you will see me with this project, along with Wilma and hers...we made them together and sent the photo to the designer who then added it to her blog!!

I like this project more than anything I have done in a long while. Karen Neary has designed this piece and although this is the first time I have used her patterns, it won't be the last. In fact, I can't wait to do another one of this particular design. I love the movement in the piece and I am fascinated with how KN has used this familiar New York Beauty block and adapted it to her own style. It's brilliant. If you have the latest Keepsake Quilting catalogue, you will discover one of Karen's kits. It's done in jewel colors, quite Caribbean in appearance but essentially it's this block combined with squares to create a very dramatic table topper. I haven't seen the pattern by itself; the colors in the kit aren't my favorites...otherwise I would have it...but I suspect it will be available sometime.
This piece is quilted with the blanket stitch and a double top-stitch that I like very much and is done with a variegated Sulky thread. I probably should have done a more dramatic machine quilting but I was afraid my lack of skill in that department might detract from this lovely table topper. I used a bias binding, ready made, prurchased from I'm totally sold on bias bindings and often used black as a finishing touch to my projects. I make it up in quantity so it's ready when I need it.


  1. The table topper is beautiful. often wanted to try those style blocks but as yet haven't got around to it. Might have to look up the patterns/designer you've mentioned. Hugs,

  2. Anne , that is stunning , love the style of the table topper and as always your colors are beautiful. Can't wait to see it !