Sunday, September 19, 2010

Smaller pieces are fun to make

I like this cheery little hanging. Again, late in the summer, I decided to start something I could finish in a short time and this was the item.
I had bought it as a kit from Harbour Quilts and if you know HQ, then you can see Kim's colors all through it. I like that it's dimensional with the stems and leaves left 'unattached' and the buttons add a bit of detail as well. This will hang in the laundry room which I am finding is a great place for those projects that really don't belong anywhere else but that I had to do for some obscure reason. It will be the third piece to go in that space as it has been recently renovated and needs a little 'interest'. A great place for my projects...I am really the ONLY person who uses that room regularly so it's a bit self serving, but who really cares!?

Bonnie's Sandcastle

I love paper piecing. Sometimes. Not that often, actually, but I had this pattern in my queue for some time and late in the summer, when I was feeling rather unproductive, I decided to have at it and settled in. I decided this time to use wash-away paper and probably won't bother with that again. I used the whole package of paper on this project and didn't find any real benefit to using it. There are people who love it. For me, it just wasn't necessary ..and there were MANY little pieces in this project. The sun, the umbrella, and even the castle itself took a lot of time but I am very pleased with the end result. It's for my friend Bonnie who lives at the beach. I hope she likes it...she will receive it this week.