Monday, May 9, 2011

Brown Bag Challenge rides again

This is one of my favorite Guild activities. I think it's unfortunate that only twelve people participated in it and perhaps since the results were so great this year, more people might step up to be part of it when we try it another time. It's always a puzzle to decide what to make with the fabrics you receive in the brown bag. For someone else, I may have made a purse but Sheila has made purses before any of us were so she didn't need another one. The thing with the piece I made is the unusual shape. It's not just a rectangular topper; it's all about the corners. I like it and hope Sheila liked it too.

Christmas Charm

This is a cute little item; I bought a package of charm squares that were so pretty and when I got them home, had no idea what I would do with them. I found this little pattern and it fit the bill; not too difficult; quick to finish.

Just the right size to put on a little table or on the back of a chair. In keeping with my newly developing 'skill', I machine quilted it. Not bad but still not great. However, with this new skill there are times you just have to do it and hope for the best. What I can say is that it's improving.

...and now, it's May!!!

Well where did April go!? I didn't get much done but the month seemed to disappear nonetheless. One thing Mystery Quilt is at the quilter and I should have it back for the quilt show. There was no way I was going to quilt that myself. There were too many seams and it was just too much of a project to take on. It will likely be a gift for someone this winter and I know it will be appreciated however it's quilted. Can't wait to get it back. Looking at my completed tops, I am going to have another small quilt hand quilted by a local group. First of all I am going to add another set of borders to give it a bit more dimension. This was a Debbie Mumm BOM that turned out just too small. A lot of work and too small after all.

So...I did make something to show! This was the Royal WEdding season and I made a fascinator to wear as I watched the whole thing, starting for me at three-twenty. Unfortunately I didn't decide to make it till the day before and finding supplies to produce such a little hat proved to be a challenge. I will now add feathers and millinery supplies to my Florida list so I will be ready when the next big occasion approaches!!
A fun little project!! Won't be wearing it again soon could be awhile before the next royal wedding. But it DOES look great with red pyjamas!!