Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Spy With My Little Eye, something that is FINISHED!!

This week I finished TWO I Spy quilts!! Done! Bindings done; labels on; DONE!! Can you tell how happy I am about that?!

One is for our GrandBaby Jocelyn who lives in Florida. When her Daddy was a little boy (keeping in mind that this was before cable tv and computers, and do you understand that I mean THANKFULLY before...) we used to play I Spy With My Little Eye something that begins with the letter.... Well you know how to play the game. I am so hopeful that Chris will play this with Jocelyn, and play it on her quilt. I had so much fun shopping for these fabrics and searching high and low for appropriate pieces.

After making the top for Jocelyn's quilt, I mentioned it to a friend of mine and ended up piecing one for her as well. She is the grammie of a little boy and there were two dozen pieces in J's quilt that couldn't appear in his. The hunt was on once again. As it happened, there were many pieces purchased for his quilt and although it looks similar to J's in construction detail, it is quite a bit different. I love his. I love Jocelyn's as well but the second quilt has some corrections and some details missing from the first. That having been said, both are done and they are wonderful. They were machine quilted in Richmond County CB by Betty Gillan and she did a beautiful job on both. Jocelyn's is quilted in a dragon fly motif and the second quilt is done with a random meander with stars. Great choices!!

Two toddlers will get these for Christmas from two sets of G-parents!! What fun is this!!?

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