Friday, June 18, 2010

Mock Mola quilting

Well I didn't know quite what I was getting into when I attended a workshop in a neighbouring community a few weeks ago. Not much fabric was required...a few fats and some dark batting; the usual tools...but I had been having back spasms for about four days and my level of concentration and comprehension were suffering and I found myself sitting with nineteen women who seemed to know what they were doing and I was a bit of the odd quilter out. Being such a strong visual learner, I needed samples or EXAMPLES and perhaps a pattern or a template.... Carol had taken a similar course at a major show and her group was given templates to work from. I needed that kind of concrete help and then, after doing the first one, I would be able to do a second project knowing what I wanted to improve on or what I cared to repeat. I find myself in possession of a half-completed hanging and no intention of ever finishing it. Kind of disappointing. The lesson from this the research and presume nothing when you are attending a workshop you are not really familiar with. Check out the internet for some videos and take the time to do the groundwork so as not to be discouraged. At the same time, avoid being over prepared. There is nothing worse for a teacher than to find someone who is well underway with the project you are teaching when you expected to be the one giving the instruction. More than likely I will do another of these Mock Mola pieces but I will know more before I start this time, and for sure, it will be finished!! If you are interested in this Mock Mola work, you can go to and check out Cathy's work. Shd did a great job of the instruction and it was my fault that I didn't come away satisfied. Her projects are beautiful and her talent goes beyond being able to sing!! I would encourage anyone to attend her sessions if she happens to be in your area.

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  1. Hello Anne,Been reading your blog for some time now & really enjoy it. Maybe some time we will see this mock mola project.. Thinking of you & hope you are wll. Dianne