Monday, May 24, 2010

How can I find the time...?

Right now I have three large projects that need to be hand quilted. One is a beautiful quilt I saw made by my quilt doctor, Sylvia. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and I had to make this quilt. It's been finished for at least a couple of years. This year I made The Gathering. Stunning quilt. Not completely bed sized; rather SQUARE but absolutely beautiful. Dark rich colors; many different sized blocks. I love it. Last year I did the Debbie Mumm BOM and that too is very pretty; more of a sofa quilt than the other two. I may do that one on a hoop just to try out that technique.

This year I am doing the Christmas Row By Row BOM and all of my friends who are also doing it are MILES AHEAD OF ME. They are caught up and have done ALL OF THE APPLIQUE which I have not started. So that one is on-going.

On the way home from Florida I stopped at Mardens in Waterville (OK...I stopped in ON THE WAY TO FLORIDA as well) and bought a total of 16 yards of fabric for two projects. The 10 yards will be part of Janice's Mystery Quilt which will start in September. The other six will be used for a fall project I's fall-ish but in a lovely quiet way!! THEN when I was barely back in the nest, I headed to Harbour Quilts...and bought the fabric for a quilt that appeared in Quiltmaker some time ago, called Moondance. I made it in seven shades of green and called it Greensleeves. (You can do that, can't you?!) Well that turned out to be my almost favorite quilt ever sewn here at 124 and this time I am doing it in seven shades of neutral starting with a gorgeous chocolate brown as the darkest.

So...the question remains...How Can I Find The Time For All of These Quilts?? ...and you know, there are probably more things in my sewing room to do as well. In fact, I know there are. Purse patterns. Karen Neary patterns. HILLARY RICE landscape patterns....GOTTA RUN!! Things to do and promises to keep!!! Thank goodness I have all of those new needles!!!

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