Sunday, February 6, 2011

One More Purse and a Parliament of Owls

This little purse has been in the works for months. It was one of those things that I started with enthusiasm and after getting the major part of the construction and embellishment done, I just moved it to the back of the table and promptly ignored it. Didn't forget about it...just ignored it. Well this week I am struggling with a cold and needed some kind of inspiration to perk me up and what better than a project that was already 75% done! Off to work I went...sewed the button on this morning and called it done.

I made this for a friend of mine who has left the province and for whom I have no address...did I say 'friend'?...yes but there are unusual circumstances. Anyway I will get her address and mail it off to her and it will be both done and dispensed with.

...and who knew that a group of owls was called a PARLIAMENT!? Not a 'gaggle' or a 'murder'
or a 'dule'( doves); not a 'murmation' (starlings) or a 'bouquet' (pheasants) or even a 'descent' (woodpeckers) ... but a PARLIAMENT! Well I made this parliament of owls and they are now winging their way to Taipei for my son Aaron and his lovely Rika. I don't usually sew these kind of things. Never do I make two of a kind so this was quite a departure for me. The pillows all have little pockets on the reverse side; for what? I don't know but when I mailed them to Taipei, I put chocolate bars in them, bars which they cannot get in Taiwan. It will be intersting to see what kind of shape these items are in when they arrive at their destination in 'seven business days' according to Canada Post. They offered me two options: seven business days or three months. Imagine!! Well I chose the former and hope it ends up being worth the cost which I will not share at this time...or ever. A parliament of owls! Who knew!? ... and just for the record, the pattern for these little critters came from Gingercake!! Special thanks to Sheila for sending me there!!!


  1. I love the purse Anne and the owls are adorable,I had no idea a group of owls was a parliament either ,interesting! Take care of that cold and see you Wed.

  2. I love your bag and owls. You have a lucky friend to receive this gorgeous bag. What pattern are you using for the bag?


  3. I came upon your blog through another that I follow when I saw your owls. I have a friend who loves owls and am looking for cute patterns. Also, love that pattern for the purse. Wondering if you might share one or the other? Nice job on all of them!

  4. The bag is gorgeous Anne. Love the owls. So cute. :)