Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's April!!

Mike and I have been in Florida and I did a blog of the trip which was of interest only to my children and a few friends who were curious as to where we were and what we were doing. Every evening I posted an entry about the day. Now I have a record of the actual feelings I had at the end of those days. I will certainly do that again. The down side of being in the sunny south...well there is no down side in actual fact...but I haven't done any sewing in two months. The question becomes...where to start and what to start.

I decided to do the kits I have bought and just ignored from the day I fell in love with them. Happy to say I am making progress but only the first one is ready to be bound and the paper is traced for the second one. I will get those actually finished in the next few days. So then what? We have a new grand baby girl coming at the end of July so there will be another trip to Florida to check her out early in September and her quilt for Christmas. I am making a sweet quilt called Waiting for Nana but since I am her Nona, I am calling it that....Waiting for Nona. I bought the fabric at Rainbow's End in Dunedin, perhaps the loveliest quilt shop I have ever been in. Fifteen pastels, three of each of five colors, will make up the background and then the appliques will be in appropriate bunny colors. I really want to start it TODAY but I am delaying for the obvious reasons: there are other things in the queue that have to be done first and there are other things in the queue that have to be done first!!!! (Not typos...just facts!!)

Today I am going to assemble the top of my Mystery Quilt. The blocks are FINALLY done and actually have been done for a few months now. I know it will take some time for that sewing and pressing. Then I need to have it done for the quilt show the end of May. Plus there are other things on my table. Lots of other things. ... and here I am, sitting at my desk, writing on this blog. Tick tock...tick tock... better get busy!! To be continued!!!

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