Monday, May 9, 2011

Brown Bag Challenge rides again

This is one of my favorite Guild activities. I think it's unfortunate that only twelve people participated in it and perhaps since the results were so great this year, more people might step up to be part of it when we try it another time. It's always a puzzle to decide what to make with the fabrics you receive in the brown bag. For someone else, I may have made a purse but Sheila has made purses before any of us were so she didn't need another one. The thing with the piece I made is the unusual shape. It's not just a rectangular topper; it's all about the corners. I like it and hope Sheila liked it too.


  1. I love it Anne! You know what is funny is I bought those FQ's to make the bag in yours or Wilma's workshop but changed my mind ;-) I think I like them much better in the table topper so thanks so much !!!!

  2. I love it to Anne. I'd admired it when Sheila posted in on her blog. I think it just gorgeous. Happy Stitching,