Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Disappearing Nine Patch

Perhaps I am a slow learner/quilter...but I have just pieced my first Disappearing Nine Patch quilt top. Quite some time ago I bought a Layer Cake called Cranberry Wishes. Beautiful dark rich Christmas fabrics...but what to do with them!? One day last week I decided that a DNP might be just the project. I cut the 10 x 10 inch squares into rectangles and started piecing and cutting. The nine patches had dark/light/dark on the top and bottom with the opposite combination in the middle. Quite random. Press and then slice; pin together and then think. I decided to reassemble the original patches so as to have some integrity in the quilt but the process of turning the cut up nine-patches into a quilt can be whatever you want it to be. I am not a 'totally random' kind of a person!! Once together I had a square quilt top, four assembled blocks by four. Added a two and a half inch border and called it done. I may add another narrow border but I am not sure...right now I am enjoying the thought that I used the Layer Cake and have a lovely Christmas quilt waiting to be quilted. What a great combination!!

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  1. Anne, great quilt, I had heard lots of talk about the DPN but had never actually seen one finished , I love it .Also you have a very interesting blog , I loved reading it and have learned a few things along the way ,thanks .