Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Making a purse is a great quilting project. It's small; it uses your stash and it can be a wonderful gift, if you are willing to part with it. Additionally you can use it yourself and people really love seeing a new completed matter how small. Recently my friend Wilma gave me a beautiful assortment of fats and right away I knew I wanted to make something specific with them. A purse was the logical choice. The ladies at Lucy's had also given me a few fats that matched those from Wilma. I was able to make not one but two purses...the larger one was designed to use Bali Pops but fats worked very well. The smaller purse was one of Mary's designs and I think it's great. Shown also are two others...the purple bag is Laura's and is a great little purse for a single event. You can't cram much into it but it's not meant for that. Heather got the smaller bag in our Brown Bag Challenge and I hope she likes it as much as I liked making it.

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