Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Spring. Hard to believe that winter is practically gone; I say practically because here in the east we could get up any morning and find the ground covered with snow. That's just the way it is here in Northern Nova Scotia. Additionally I have to say that I missed winter due to a totally unexpected visit to the emergency room on November 31 and an eleven day stay in hospital. A ruptured bowel. How absolutely unglamorous. In the first days after my surgery as I lay in bed, I thought about the things I would do when I got home. My doctor kept telling me I would be finding the time to read and undertake new tasks....didn't happen. I lost my mojo for three months. I had no interest in reading or writing or sewing or quilting or crafting or doing anything. Looking back, it's hard to believe that anesthetic can do that to you. Recovery was slow and sometimes painful. I was sad and I cried buckets of tears. I was impatient with myself for that behavior, being the over achiever that I am. If someone took two months to recover, I could do it in one. NO I COULD NOT!! I learned lessons I wasn't prepared to learn. Friends fed us for a month. As a child, when I would ask my Mother what we were having for supper, she jokingly would reply "whatever the neighbours sent in". In December, when Left Brain would ask that question, he got the same answer. I would make breakfast for LB every day so as to maintain some normalcy in our lives. His patience was tested beyond belief and he met every challenge graciously. He insisted on a Christmas tree, albeit an artificial one, when I couldn't be bothered with the thought of one. We did our best with the holiday season and on January first, I got dressed up in my Ann Taylor dress that I had bought for the Christmas season, and went out to a Gyro levee. I paid the price for that outing for three days but it was lovely to see friends and feel alive again. Gradually I got better. After two and a half months, I could drive again. And so, ...spring is here and I am back. I have started to sew. In March we went to Florida. We hung out with our son and daughter in law and precious grandbaby Jocelyn; visited with Bonnie and Peter in Perry, Georgia and attended the NASCAR race weekend in Bristol Tennessee. I bought sixteen yards of fabric in Maine and just for good measure, eight more meters at Harbour Quilts in Antigonish (http://www.harbourquiltcompany.com/) for my next quilt. I must be back. That's a lot of fabric!! Carol and I walk the Samson Trail again. Life goes on. Life is good! Thank you, Jesus!!

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