Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rising Again

I want to rejuvenate this blog. It's always been an intention to get back to this method of communication but for thr past several years, I have neglected the process. It's really not my intention to Catch Up, exactly, but I want to show some of the more interesting pieces I have worked on, with some comments on the wins and losses, the successes and fails. Nothing is perfect. I have several pieces in the cooker right now and yet I am sitting here, babbling!! With good reason, however. Just a temporary interruption involving mobility and concentration. This too shall pass. Soon. I hope.
This is the current most interesting piece underway in my sewing room. As you can see, it's currently unbound because several of my friends think I should have it framed. I am not sure about that but will discuss it with the framer. It's a George Scicilano design and is paper pieced using a product of his design.,  not for the faint of heart but one of those things you make just to see if you can make it. Mission accomplished. 

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