Monday, May 10, 2010

Fitness while quilting...who'd a thunk it!?

I have been a proponent of therapeutic massage for years, after a comment made by chance to my RMT while she "worked" on an obvious problem. She asked if there was 'anything else' bothering me and my response echoed my physician's ... just a bit of arthritis in my hip which I supposed I would have to live with. Upon examination, she indicated that she felt she could help that problem, and I jokingly told her to just have at it. After two visits dealing with that situation, I was cured. It seems that the time I was struck by an errant golf club on the driving range at Bell Bay, some damage had been done to a muscle group and Sonja was able to relieve years of pain in a matter of a few weeks. A BELIEVER!!! Over the years I was a reguar on her table for this or that until eventually she worked herself out of a patient! My walking routine seems to have eliminated chronic problems and it's just been pretty clear sailing until this weekend. THE QUILT SHOW IS THE END OF THE MONTH!! I have been FINISHING things and quilting too much ...or so it seems.

The muscle spasms started two days ago. Ignoring them didn't help and so I enlisted LB to work on the location. His hands are very very strong and although the engineer's massage helped over the past couple of days, I went off to the RMT this morning. Good results but I have to sit with heat on the area every hour for twenty minutes each time. Eating into my day!!

TWENTY-FOUR HOURS LATER...after a vigorous walk this morning I believe I am on the road to recovery. The arm swinging seems to have helped, combined with yesterday's heat and rest...still lots of pain but not as often. The RMT told me it would take about 48 hours so today should be the day. I am sitting looking at the small quilt that has to be FINISHED for the show. It Will Be Done!! Slowly! With breaks. And Stretches!! Another victory for the massage therapist. I love that branch of my health care team!! Perhaps a little sewing this afternoon!!!

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