Saturday, May 22, 2010

Found in my sewing room

Today I decided it was time once again to work in my sewing room and see if I could put better order in that space. It's not that I am unaware of what's in there...I know everything that can be found in that room...but finding it may cause a problem. Today I am going to comment on a few things that delighted me and which I found to be most interesting. Hope you can find the joy in these things as I did!!!

First of all I have to comment that my sewing room is also my closet and my ironing room as well as my gift room and our Christmas storage room. Are you getting the picture? All of my "soft" Christmas decorations are in there as well as the usual UFO's and patterns and fabric and tools and notions and plans and templates and sewing machines and things too pretty to use ... well you get the picture. But it's the OTHER things in there that I find funny.

A few years ago I decided I needed/wanted pasta bowls. After eating at The Outback in Orlando, I figured pasta bowls were the answer. Well I searched and searched and ultimately found them here in Pictou County; bought eight of them and they are on a shelf in my sewing room. No room in the kitchen; they have never been used. LB doesn't even know they exist. Some evening I will pull them from their resting place and fill them with a delightfully delicious pasta and look like a culinary genius or a lesser form of such. I am ready with the bowls when the occasion is fitting.

Four Royal Doulton ladies are neatly and carefully lined up on the top shelf. Before LB and I were married, I spied Fleur in Alteens and commented on her beauty. Do you remember when "your wish is my command" actually was a reality?...well before you could say "Buy Me", she was delivered and I have loved her since then...but the others....? Do my boys want them? Do their wives? Now that the piano is gone...where do I put them? The cats would knock them over....Top shelf of my sewing room. ... with the pasta bowls.

And then there is the beautiful black bag from Ann Taylor!!! I love that bag!!! The texture is smooth and silky and there isn't a wrinkle to be seen. Stunning graphics. Gorgeous!!

My favorite unusual item is a set of leather juggling balls. All of my boys can juggle. Back in the day, it was fun to watch one of them call out.....MOM...Juggling tomatoes!!!!! the produce section of Sobeys!! I can't bear to dispose of the balls and keep promising myself that someday soon I too will learn to juggle!!! Life long learner!! That's me. ... and so, what's the most interesting thing in your sewing room!!?? Can you beat juggling balls??!!

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