Saturday, May 15, 2010

Let's Hear it For The Big Stitch

Yes indeed...let's give a cheer for the big stitch!! Ofter overlooked in these days of machine stitching, it's time to consider the use of this technique to quilt those projects that seem to be in between hand and machine quilting.

Several years ago I made a Christmas wallhanging by Meme's Quilts and liked it so much, decided to do a second one, which I had planned to give to one of the boys for his apartment. Well the top was done and Christmas seemed to come and go that year, and the quilt top was put aside...out of sight and somewhat out of mind. I always knew it was there and it was certainly intended to be completed but its time just didn't seem to come. Getting ready for the upcoming quilt show, I realized that this short time period was just the thing to get this little gem finished. Any full sized quilt that went on my frame in May was just not going to be finished by the end of the month so the Noel quilt went on and is a matter of days. HOW GREAT IS THAT!!??

I am using a thread by YLI which is a red shiny rayon twist, a #5 John James needle with a great point and a large eye, and of course, the needle nosed piliers to pull the needle through the fabric. The extra bulk at the eye makes it a bit of a challenge to pull through with just fingers and I use the NNP's rather than the little grippers which always seem to be among the missing. It's a great technique to use for such a project which will likely be hung in a large space or draped over a piece of furniture. It doesn't need the denser stitches of hand quilting and works well for me on this kind of item. The pieces were appliqueed onto the top with decorative machine stitches, which makes me think I did this project right after I got my new Pfaff and I was trying out the different things the machine would do.

As long as you have the right needles and thread for the big stitch, it's a wonderful alternative to machine quilting. It's fast and eye catching. I like it!!!...and one more item is ready for the quilt show!!

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