Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday after Thanksgiving

Black Friday I guess. The appt for family pics was for eleven so you probably remember what it's like to get kiddies dressed to go somewhere special and then add an infant and a toddler. And a man in a kilt and a Grandmother. After all that was said and done, you barely had time to get yourself ready. Made it on time. For some reason the photog wanted to take the pictures outside. Great looking brick wall but it was 8C and these Littles were not exactly dressed for it. They did pretty well I must say, Then they grabbed the infant and proceeded to Anne Geddes the life out of her. I think they wanted to practice their skills on infant settings and weren't that interested in the family. My opinion only. That pretty well took the guts out of the day and we are really keen to see some sneak peek photos asap. Chris looked great in his kilt. I may take it home to the kilt maker for a couple of alterations. He had it made when he graduated and like all of us, in 17 years he has added some girth. I made a temporary alteration but it should be done right. I am not making any progress in the battle with my cold. So far it's winning. I have things to do. The Christmas bags have to be embellished for this year and I gave gifts to wrap. That will have to be a Monday thing. I would love to do a bit more shopping for the girls. Monday will have to be a long day. So closes another day of my holiday. We ate leftovers today and probably tomorrow. I must get the bread machine on first thing in the morning. Hope your day was as full as mine. Sadly I am beginning to get a bit weary. The pace is more than I am used to. Take care everyone.

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