Thursday, November 17, 2016

LAKE St Louis

It's so good to be here. I had forgotten just how busy it is to be in a home with young children. Really. There day starts in the dark. Just FYI, I M 2 hours behind you but I have pretty well settled in to the time change except that I am pretty tired by 7.30.

My flights were teriffic and on time which was quite important for me. I was fearful that there would be cancellations or delays but such was not the case. On the flight to Philadelphia,  there was no one in the seat beside me. only about 50 on the plane. I had a great lunch in the airport and about a 2hr wait. No need to rush, just a good layover. another small plane to STL and here I am.

It's warm today, almost 80 but will be quite cold for the rest of the week. I haven't been out, quite happy to be helping out where I can. I did laundry yesterday. This afternoon I may make oat cakes.

The baby is NEW. Really only 4 days today. You all know what a new baby is like. Totally helpless, a magical gift. I love being able to love her.

All,is well. The main talk is Thanksgiving and it will be lovely  to be here for it. I believe there are 4 adults and 2 young children invited to be here with all of us. Chris loves to cook.

All for now. Stay in touch, I will try too.

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