Monday, November 28, 2016

Things I did not do today

1. Make oat cakes because I held the Baby for 4 hours which was probably more important
2. Visit Laura's sewing room because she was too busy too.
3. Go for a walk because Jocelyn and Bhreagh and I made three parts of a gingerbread village
4. Probably another thing or two as well, ...

On the other hand I got the Christmas bags filled and tied up which was a huge task that could be done only when the girls weren't around. My suitcase is only half full as I am packing for home. Practically no shopping done, but go back and read above. It will at least be easy to manage.

You are reading this on Tuesday morning, more than likely, or else you are up obscenely late. I will be in the air as you read. My flight is at 7.20am to Newark. 2 hours in that airport and into hfx around 4 or so. As I said, I am ready to be home and this branch of the family is ready to reclaim the house. I am so happy that I was here and I will miss them all.

I will try to get an entry done in Newark, assuming there's free WiFi. Happy landings on a chocolate bar!


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  2. Loved reading all these posts, Anne. You do a great job of writing!