Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday 2pm

This morning we did a foray to Walmart where I picked up knitting needles and some yarn to teach Jocelyn to knit. She follows instructions really well and is doing fine for a little girl who is 7. Is that too early JoLynn? She is enjoying the process and I hope with another session this afternoon and then another tomorrow night she will have the concept. I hope she does well enough that she can enlist someone to help her if she runs into a problem or she could lose interest in the whole thing after I leave. I'm not sure if Laura knits or not.

Chris is cooking corned beef for supper.

I have some sorting to do here in my room but it may have to wait till no one is around to peek. Jocelyn is very curious about the bags and things here in my room.

I think I will go out for a walk on the trail behind the house. There is a lot of activity here right now and it could be a good time. Back later.

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