Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday night

It's a busy environment here on Preston Woods. This morning I took Jocelyn to Mass because everyone here is sick but the infant Finley. Jocelyn was receiving a pin with all of her fellow second graders who are preparing for Reconciliation so it was quite important that she attend and she and I were the least sick. It was very special and I am so happy that I was here to be with her. She was tickled pink, or as happy as a seven year old gets about an event at the church...which I must say was packed with families. As many men in the church as women and oodles of children. Quite something. Very mid west. So this afternoon we all went to a restaurant for supper and I am sure some people were terrified to see parents, an obvious visiting grandmother and four children including two babies, coming in to eat. Mid way through the event a gentleman who was leaving stopped by to comment on the excellent behavior of The Littles. A compliment indeed. The radio station of choice in the car is playing all Christmas music. Yesterday Laura and I went to a most fantastic store called Von Maur. OMG OMG. I really cannot begin to describe this place. Probably the nicest store I have been in. High end of the middle range. Not Sacs but high of the middle. Gorgeous and of course all decked out for Christmas. I can't wait to go back and look in the ladies wear. We were lookin ma inky in the children's dept. Housewares was lovely too. Still,have to get to the quilt store.,I may do some driving tomorrow. Thanksgiving is Thursday so the girls are only in school Monday and Tuesday. That is going to make for a busy week for the adults. I am baking tomorrow. There will be 7 adults and assorted children here for dinner on Thursday. Incidentally when I said that Jocelyn and I were the least sick I didn't mention that my cold seems to be headed to laryngitis. Sweet. Really sweet. So,that's about it for this evening. Hope all is well in your nests, take care and come back. I will try to get a post done every couple of days. I'll be back.

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