Thursday, November 24, 2016


How crow we made it through the day and I was just the assistant. Chris must be exhausted. He was up at six and worked on the meal literally all day till the company left at six thirty tonight. I laughed when everyone was gone, the last person standing was Keelin. We are all in bed or at least upstairs and it's 8pm. They are having family photos dine tomorrow at 11am so it will be a busy morning. Keelin usually has her nap at 11.30 so who knows how this will go. She may be enthralled with the whole process and we can only hope so. I am not sure if I am going or not. To be determined. Still hoping to do some shopping soon. Not much else. Lots of food left over. I froze half of a cake. One dessert is better in the next day, so if we don't eat it, we will have to bring it to the neighbours. We watched the macys thanksgiving day parade. Perhaps you did too. And tried to maintain order!! Have a good evening and a fun Friday. Back soon.

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