Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday night

We went for a walk this afternoon on the trail behind the house. What a great walk, slow and fast as five of us made our way along. Corned beef for supper which turned out great and various desserts due to the baking that's been done oner the past few days.

I brought my wedding dress with me in case Laura wanted it for some use with these Littles so this afternoon I washed it and dried it in the drier. Turned out great!! It has an overskirt that falls into a train that has a lot of available fabric in case she wants to incorporate it into something. I am pretty well finished with it as I can't get it zippered up any more. Can't believe I was really that small.

We had a great evening sitting with the girlies and laughing about this and that. A thing or two to do tomorrow. Hope the snow didn't inconvenience any of you. More tomorrow if you decide time come back then. Good night moon .

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