Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Idle thoughts

Nothing profound...Just idle thoughts. I know I have a tendency to over think everything. ..I guess you all know that too. I am here a week already and this next week will fly by. Thanksgiving is Thursday and that is a big deal,here in America. There will be quite a houseful here for dinner and I only hope it's a nice day so that we can all spill outside. Just by the way, the people across the street have their Christmas lights up and ON! And they aren't the only ones. There is a business here that's called Two Elves And A Ladder and it will come and decorate your house and after the holidays come and take down all the lights AND STORE EVERYTHING till next year. They put a little sign in your lawn as advertising. A few signs are evident here in the neighbourhood. So there! ! All for $500. I don't think my blog recognizes skipped lines between paragraphs. I am inserting them but they don't appear. Chris has pneumonia. I think I indicated that everyone here was sick and I guess he is the sickest. He's on a puffer and a steroid and an antibiotic and had a special,treatment at the doc office this morning. Today I went to the girl's school for a little play in Jocelyn s class and then had lunch with Bhreagh. You have no idea how Catholic this Catholic school is. Really. I was astounded. Laura laughed and told me that Finley will go there for free because after you pay for three, the rest are free. Their friend Ellen has five there and one more at home ready to go in a year. So as I stared to say, one more week and in that time, the girls will be in school only one day. They are off now till Monday. I have yet to get to a fabric store or to Kohl's. It's pretty impossible to shop with two children and it's hard to leave Chris at home with three. Just a difficult dynamic. Tomorrow the girls are going with a family friend for awhile so we could get out maybe. I am not keen on driving here but I knew from the start that this was not a shopping trip. Still, I would like to get to a store or two. Today I made biscuits and Funeral Squares. I have made oat cakes three times. I am making a dessert for Thursday as well. Mostly I hold the baby and do laundry. I bathe her whenever I can and clean up the kitchen. It's great to be able to do this. Doesn't seem like much but I know it's a help. I just wish everyone was feeling better. Jocelyn and Bhreagh were out to gymnastics this evening. Laura is pretty tired at the end of the day but she is a rock star. When we went out to Von Maur, someone looked at the baby (she was wearing her in one of those sling things) and asked how old she was, ... when Laura said 5 days, the clerk said 5 DAYS!?!? Laura said She's my 4th...you don't have time to sit around, you just have to get up and move! A rock star, but she is tired in the evening. Poor girl. Keelin is Just A Baby at 18 months and you can't let her out of your sight around Finley. She pokes at her and grabs her arm and scares the daylights out of the infant. Two Babies. So it's quarter past nine, I will be awake by three thirty or four. Listen to Information Morning very quietly till everyone is up. I am missing the pool in the mornings but I don't miss achy joints, particularly achy hands. It's so much dryer here. (Baby is fussy tonight. She slept for long naps today but I can hear her fussing now) All for me tonight. Be back when I can, thanks for taking time to catch up. Pardon any typos. Doing my best!!

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