Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday in the rain

The rain just started a while ago but it may continue for a day or so. I havent been out yet. Maybe this weekend, but I didn't come to be out.,as I figured, there is plenty to do. Today I did oat cakes and laundry. The older girls are going out for a sleep over tonight. Maybe we adults and two babies could go out to dinner. Perhaps not. Chris was off on Tuesday and Wednesday and with Thanksgiving coming up next week, he will be home for a couple of days. He and Laura don't shop during the Black Friday sales. I would like to get to the local quilt store and maybe Kohl's and or Chicò's. We had a Skype visit with Aaron and Rika and Alice Anne last night. Bhreagh was so excited to see Alice. Really there is nothing new in the neighbourhood.It's the mid west, friendly people, children going to the same school,,tons of homework. Really. Jocelyn has been working every night I am here on homework for an hour. She's in second grade. I don't remember being involved with making a puppet of my favorite Saint. I can do that now. Missing my mornings at the pool. All for now. Thanks for the mail, ladies. Back soon.

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