Saturday, November 12, 2016

Starting up

Be patient with me,  friends and children and family. I really don't like blogging but a blog works as a means to stay in touch with several people over a short period of time .  I am off to America for two weeks and this might work as a source of info if you care to check in and it may be that I will find some time to keep it up as a quilting file of a sort after I get back home. who knows!?

Right now I am making a list and checking it twice to arrive in STL with the things I need so that I don't need to run out to the pharmacy or the fabric store.  I have a box of tea and my sewing kit ready to go and several new books on my Tab. Some Christmas gifts too. I should bring Steinhart Mpale Vodka for Chris. And me.

More tomorrow. Plans to make tonight!

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