Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday night

I am still on Atlantic Time...did I already mention that? Two weeks and I am still waking obscenely early and worn out at 8pm. And then there was last night when I barely slept at all. Three nights ago I woke for the bathroom run, checked my watch and when it read 10.34 I assumed it was wrong so checked my phone to see it was in fact 10.35 by then. LOL. Usually I am going to bed at that time.

So today we saw one of the family pictures from yesterday. Fantastic! Absolutely fabulous. We saw one of the baby and it too,was sweet, even though rather Anne Geddes. Is it Anne?? Can't say for sure but you know the one I mean.

I was at Kohl's today but didn't do well. Disappointing. Visited one quilt shop but not that great a result either. I knew this was not a shopping experience so I am not too let down. I got a,few things for Laura.

The Littles are sweet. I could just eat that Baby Finley. It's so wonderful to be here. I want to come back for a month. Two weeks was great but Laura could use help on a regular basis. She bounced back after this birth but I know she is tired. Keelin is the most work as an 18 month baby she can't be talked into or out of anything and she mainly wants her mother. The older girls can be flexible with the right incentives! Lol. They are adorable.

Three more sleeps. I don't know how I am getting to the airport on Tuesday morning. My departure is at 7.20 am so that means I should be there by 5.45am or thereabouts...Actually it's not an international flight but just to Newark so I may not need to be there so early. At any rate the cab will be uber expensive.

Hope all is well,where you are. Thanks for stopping by, rather a slow news day. I am ready to come home. I have one tea bag left, my travel sized toothpaste is practically empty and my travel hair spray is done. Definitely time to come home. Good night for now.

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  1. Really is time to head home if you only have one tea bag!